PAINC is an abbreviation from the full name of the project which is PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT NOT CLOTHES
It's a graduation diploma project of Karolina Maria Gwóźdź, visualized by Karol Wysmyk and Tatiana Pancewicz.
PAINC consists of photobook and a fashion clip featuring work of seventeen young designers, finishing first School Of Form fashion department. It took us three months to create an overview of how they developped, and who did they become at the end of the education. All of them were also interviewed, what made our story fullfilled by a short film documentaries.

by Karolina Maria Gwóźdź

" This book reflects the method of thinking about people, clothes and the designer’s role in the contemporary fashion discourse. It becomes a coherent narrative combining objects, places and events that jointly sketch the profiles of young designers who become professional adults. The city in which the designers live, the environment in which they coexist and the objects that surround them, joined together take the form of a complex architecture of inspirations which transform over the time into specific ideas to become final projects in the end. For me, this project is a personal review of acquired abilities and knowledge in the field of communication and production in fashion. Meeting my schoolmates in the role of an observer, researcher and sociologist allowed me to remain aloof and revise my position in such diversified environment as the fashion industry. The production of this book was for me not only the fulfilment in the role of a producer, but first of all it revised my experience and abilities and provided answers to questions regarding future projects which I am about to lead. We, the first graduates of the Faculty of Fashion at the School of Form, are the central figures in this project. Working within one space for 4 years, we have not only got acquainted with the techniques and the trade of fashion, but most of all we experienced the synergy of ideas, inspirations and joint researches of the matter. We accompanied each other and supported our designing processes, getting over our defeats and celebrating successes together. 18 short films and 16 photo sessions are the results of our cooperation. You are about to see all that happened at that time and place."
PHOTOBOOK ( HD recommended )
Photography : Karol Wysmyk, Tatiana Pancewicz
Texts and questionnaire : Karolina Maria Gwóźdź
Design : Karol Wysmyk
Print : Moś i Łuczak
Paper: Munken Lynx 150 g/m2
Dimensions : 305 x 215

VIDEO ( HD recommended )
direction Tatiana Pancewicz
models  Samia and Martyna
shot in studio in Poznan
Each designer answered the same several questions about their creative process and personal artistic approach. We asked them about the past and who they predict to become in future. Interviews were shot in natural environment of every designer - in their studio or home. 
Agata Birek
Inex Błażejczak
Ola Bloch
Klaudia Dopierała
Klaudia Filipiak
Kamila Florczak
Jagoda Fryca
Kamila Garczyńska
Marzena Graczyk
Ola Kowalska
Kinga Korbalewska
Paweł Marnysz
Vicky Pietrasik
Przemek Podolak
Ola Rusak
Błażej Teliński
Creating this project was possible with help and kindness of our friends.
Big thank you goes to :
Gosia Pendowska, Wojtek Grynko, Nahil Yuser, Bartek Gorzelany, Julia Żabierek, Magda Szynkowska, Julia Podsadna, Tobiasz Deptuła, Martyna Małkus, Samia Mja, Agata Zwolińska, Rosalie Hoffman, Kasia Rosicka, Michał Fojt, pływalnia Chwiałka, the coal depot "Restan".
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